Finding a Buyer for your Property

Finding a Buyer for your Property


‚ÄčFinding the Buyer for Your Property

Identifying Likely Target Buyer Groups

· What will be the buyer’s probable financial profile?

· In-town, Move-ups (from what neighborhoods)?

· Out-of-town Transferees

· Special Interests (equestrian, resort, retirees, nature lovers)

· First-time home buyers


Marketing to Other Real Estate Professionals

· Promotion through the local Board of Realtors

· Multiple Listing Service

· Broker tours and Broker open houses

· Contact leading real estate professionals

· Special promotions to other realtors

· Web site listing


Marketing Directly to Home Buyers

· Yard signs

· Open House

· Direct Mail

· Advertising

· Special Promotions to attract buyers

· Web site listing


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